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Hello & Welcome!

We’re Ceri, Will and Piglet, or you might know us as To the Mountains and Back. We’ve been travelling in our self-converted Sprinter camper van since the beginning of 2019, having spent quite a bit of 2018 creating our cosy home on wheels.

We started van life in the winter and whilst many people would head for the sun we fully embraced the cold (and we’re talking as cold as -30ºc). We headed to the very top of Norway, stopping to ski and look for moose along the way! So if you’re after winter van life survival tips you’ve come to the right place! We’ve also seen our fair share of sunshine too so don’t worry if you’re not quite brave enough for the frozen north just yet.

We hope you’ll find this website useful. We’ll be filling it with full details of our van build, van life tips that we’ve learnt along the way, ideas for making money on the road and lots more info! Feel free to give us a shout if there’s something you’d like to know that we haven’t covered yet, and make sure you check out our FAQs below for some quick fire tips and stats.

Thanks so much for joining our adventures, we hope to see you on the road soon!

Ceri, Will & Piglet xx

All the content on this website is free to use and we hope you’ll find it helpful. If you’d like to support our content or have found an article useful you can buy us a virtual coffee to say thanks (well it will most likely be spent on tea or dog treats for Piglet but you get the idea!).

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How big is your van?

She’s a Long Wheel Base van with high roof, so 170″.

Why To the Mountains and Back?

We feel very at home in the mountains; give us a choice of city streets or mountains and we’ll choose mountains every time! So we’re pretty much always heading to the mountains and back… simple as that!

How long did it take you to convert your van?

It took almost a year. We built our little home around work commitments, travel and bad weather so there were numerous days/weeks we didn’t manage to do much. You can definitely do it a lot quicker, but we chose to take our time and balance it around other things.

How do you afford it?

We work! It may look like it’s all one long holiday but we promise it isn’t! We don’t have pots of money put away so we work to afford our expenses just like everyone else. We work remotely and can work anywhere so long as we have an internet connection.

How does your bed work?

Our bed is by a company called Happijac. The bed is motorised and moves up on rails into the ceiling during the day when not in use. You can find out lots more information about our bed on our Happijac FAQs page.