Lewis and Harris are part of the Outer Hebrides archipelago located around 43 miles off the west coast of Scotland. There’s an incredible 119 islands that make up the Outer Hebrides but very few of them are inhabited now. Often referred to as separate islands, Lewis and Harris are actually located on one landmass, making them the perfect place to visit by campervan. Read more

The Callanish Stones (or Tursachan Chalanais in Gaelic) are a 5000-year-old mystery that look like something straight out of Outlander! Older than Stonehenge, this incredible stone circle complex features a series of stones arranged in a cross shape with a central circle and 4.8m tall centre stone.

If you’re visiting Lewis and Harris or are a fan of the fantasy series Outlander the Callanish Stones are a must-see. Luckily this enchanting area is really easy to get to, completely free and open 24/7!

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We’ve been searching for the perfect camping slipper for a while now (anything to get Will out of a certain shoe that will remain nameless!). As we spend a lot of time outdoors, we need something that’s really durable with good grip but also super comfy, especially for wearing after a long hike or a day’s skiing! Read more

About to embark on your first van build? Congratulations! We know how exciting it is and how eager you can be to jump right in. Get these first few planning stages right and we’re sure your van conversion will go perfectly. 

We did lots of research for our van and yet we still made a few mistakes during our build that we’d definitely try and do differently on another conversion. Read more

If you’re anything like me a cold outdoor shower in the middle of winter might not sound very appealing! Luckily, there’s now lots of solutions for getting your campervan equipped with hot water so you can enjoy a lovely (albeit quick!) hot shower no matter where you are. Read more

We’ve been living and travelling in our van for over two years now and we’re always being asked if there’s anything we would change about our van. We’re really happy with how our van turned out and whilst we’ve made a few minor changes along the way she’s still pretty perfect to us! That being said, if we ever do another van build there are 10 van build changes we would definitely make. Read more

Want to know what we think of our Happijac bed lift? We’re always being asked whether we like it and if we’d fit another one if we did another van build, so, by popular demand, here’s our Happijac bed lift review! Read more

I think it’s fair to say 2020 didn’t really work out like any of us planned! We’d hoped to spend around 9 months of the year living in our van and travelling around Europe. In the end, however, I think we managed around 3 months or maybe slightly more.  Read more

We love a bit of winter van life! We’ve spent two winters in our van and there’s nothing better than opening your door to a foot of fresh snow, just waiting for the hound to dive in to! Our very first trip in Genevieve (our van) was skiing in the Alps. Then we straightaway headed north to the Arctic for a month in Norway. We had a lot of snow and survived temperatures as low as -29.7ºc (that’s -21.4ºf for our American friends!). Read more

Looking for the perfect gift for outdoor lovers or vanlifers this Christmas? Look no further! We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite products, some of which we already use and others that we’d love to try. Whether you’re shopping for an adrenaline junky, a weekend adventurer or even a travelling dog, we’ve got you covered! Read more