Lewis and Harris are part of the Outer Hebrides archipelago located around 43 miles off the west coast of Scotland. There’s an incredible 119 islands that make up the Outer Hebrides but very few of them are inhabited now. Often referred to as separate islands, Lewis and Harris are actually located on one landmass, making them the perfect place to visit by campervan. Read more

The Callanish Stones (or Tursachan Chalanais in Gaelic) are a 5000-year-old mystery that look like something straight out of Outlander! Older than Stonehenge, this incredible stone circle complex features a series of stones arranged in a cross shape with a central circle and 4.8m tall centre stone.

If you’re visiting Lewis and Harris or are a fan of the fantasy series Outlander the Callanish Stones are a must-see. Luckily this enchanting area is really easy to get to, completely free and open 24/7!

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I think it’s fair to say 2020 didn’t really work out like any of us planned! We’d hoped to spend around 9 months of the year living in our van and travelling around Europe. In the end, however, I think we managed around 3 months or maybe slightly more.  Read more

We’ve just got back from our first visit to Slovakia and we absolutely loved it. We’ve barely scratched the surface of this beautiful country and have a list of places we’d still love to explore. Besides the mountains, ice caves, castles and lakes the people are really friendly and the diesel is nice and cheap! Read more

Germany is a great place to travel by camper van. Not only are there some really beautiful areas to explore but it’s also one of the easiest countries in Europe for van life. Read on for our hints and tips for travelling to Germany by van, including regulations for wild camping in Germany, how to find drinking water and road rules you need to be aware of! Read more

Ah Ireland. How do I put this? If you’ve not been yet you need to go! Seriously, stop reading this (please don’t!) and go book a trip! Hitting the road is the perfect way to explore and there’s no better route than the Wild Atlantic Way. Read more

If your only experience of van life so far is through pictures on Instagram you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s one stunning view after the next! If you’re about to hit the road or are thinking about exploring in a camper van you’ll soon discover this isn’t always the case. Finding overnight parking places can be really stressful! Read more

2019 was our first year on the road in our home on wheels. We travelled a lot of miles and stayed in some pretty memorable overnight parking spots. I’ll be honest, we stayed in some rubbish ones too but that’s all part of van life! Whilst Covid-19 has stopped us travelling I thought it would be fun do a mini re-cap on our 2019 travels by sharing our 5 favourite overnight spots. Read more