About to embark on your first van build? Congratulations! We know how exciting it is and how eager you can be to jump right in. Get these first few planning stages right and we’re sure your van conversion will go perfectly. 

We did lots of research for our van and yet we still made a few mistakes during our build that we’d definitely try and do differently on another conversion. Read more

We love a bit of winter van life! We’ve spent two winters in our van and there’s nothing better than opening your door to a foot of fresh snow, just waiting for the hound to dive in to! Our very first trip in Genevieve (our van) was skiing in the Alps. Then we straightaway headed north to the Arctic for a month in Norway. We had a lot of snow and survived temperatures as low as -29.7ºc (that’s -21.4ºf for our American friends!). Read more

We’ve spoken to so many people recently who have just finished, or are close to finishing their van conversion and looking forward to moving in to their vans and living the van life. We were in a huge rush towards the end of our build and a few finishing touches had to wait as we had a date we needed to be on the road by. Read more

I’ll be honest, of all the problems I thought we’d encounter living in a van, a global pandemic wasn’t one of them! It didn’t even make the list. When we headed back to mainland Europe a few weeks ago from the UK I never imagined we’d be here now, worrying about borders closing around us, with ski resorts, restaurants and campsites in complete lockdown.  Read more

So I’m sitting in our van as it rocks from side to side from the 75mph gusting winds outside trying to decide at what point the wind could actually blow our Sprinter van over. Read more